Healthcare is beginning to leverage the power of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) into its midst and the possibilities are endless.  ARVR Health is here to help you discover the latest breakthroughs, developments, applications, news and platforms being used to improve everything from patient care to provider education.

Despite VR and AR’s relatively short existence, it has already had an impact in science and the healthcare sector.  Given that it is still in its infancy, there exist many companies carrying out research into new ways in which the technology can be used to advance the healthcare profession.  From following a blood cell in a virtual artery to watching a surgical procedure, VR and AR are moving and growing with great speed in the sector.   ARVR Health’s interests lie in sharing information about the virtual and augmented worlds in the medical field.  Where once VR and AR were once a part of science-fiction, ARVR Health shares evidence of how this exciting technology is changing the face of healthcare for the better.   ARVR Health follows all of the latest developments within the sector, bringing up-to-date information to the masses as soon as we learn of their existence.

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