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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are rapidly changing the industry and reshaping the future of healthcare.

Discover innovative  companies and applications focused on revolutionizing medical  procedures and  medical training. 

Learn about the ground breaking ways AR and VR can enhance well being, patient treatment and rehabilitation following a procedure. 

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Augmented Reality in Medicine and Healthcare

Check the latest VR applications for the healthcare industry.

Augmented Reality (AR) in healthcare  lets users see the real world and projects digital information in the users existing environment. AR can be described as a mix of virtual reality imposed into real life . This virtual content is most often created in the form of digital sound and imagery. The most common applications are currently created in 3D models and videos.

Virtual Reality in Medicine and Healthcare

Discover the latest in VR developments for healthcare applications.

The healthcare industry is using virtual reality (VR)  in an ever-growing number of sectors. The goal is to enhance and and create a higher quality of care and efficiency for patients & medical professionals for applications from surgical preparation to patient illness, rehabilitation, education and therapy.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Articles

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4 Ways Immersive Technology is Transforming Healthcare with VR and AR

Healthcare providers are looking to VR and AR to transform the industry including doctors and patients’ lives.

What is the market potential for virtual reality in healthcare?

Virtual Reality technology is not just beneficial for medical practitioners, but they have several potentially life changing benefits for patients too.

How Oculus is Being Used in Healthcare

Oculus Go and Rift is helping to provide solutions to a wide variety of health problems. The landscape of healthcare is changing and Oculus is being used to enhance care.

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